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to manage the sale of my collection. You will receive the same attention and level of integrity
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Just what are we hearing? In 1973, between Jaime Brockett II and North Mountain Velvet, an alert listener captured 
these two demos played during an interview on a local radio station - I do not have the name of the station. The 
interview was live but the songs had been recorded previously in a studio. The first, Pine Tree is unusual for Brockett,
with the female backup vocals and the Hammond organ! According to the listener,  the second, Ballad of Thunder Road,
features Johnny Hartford and Tony Rubino. It's a unique unpublished treasure from nearly 40 years ago. 

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Well, here is something different...

Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio

Here is a 1923 Atwater Kent breadboard radio, Model 10, part number 4950. The breadboard has a nice 
mellow matte brown finish rather than the glossy finish with the decorative routed edges.  Corners are 
square: it is made to fit into the Pooley cabinet. The production and warranty tag is still intact "in case of 
complaint please return this tag" and the number 6015 is stamped in the wood on the underside of the 
breadboard. The five tubes include four 201A RF and AF amplifiers, and a UX-200A detector. T have not 
assaulted this fine old radio with  Brasso or other cleaners -preserving the original patina.

Breadboard size 10 x 29 inches.

Now for the functional stuff: all five tubes'  filaments light but there is no audio output.  All knobs and controls work freely. You can see from photos 11 and 12 that there are some coils of wire loose from one of the components. I do not have the old original battery wiring cable.
There is a place on the 3-tube detector/amplifier unit where it looks like one of the tube sockets has been epoxied to the top of the unit. Hopefully you can see that in the photos.
Please look carefully at the photos and don't  hesitate to ask any questions.
Fuse is dead. (I used a cheater cord to bypass the fuse block for testing.)  I think that the "filament" button has been removed. To my eye the wiring underneath looks like at least some of it has been replaces.
This unit was working 15 years ago when I first got it, and I suspect that I am just not getting all the hookups right. This radio is ready to provide a fun experience to a tinkerer.

$  SOLD Thank You


Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio

Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio

Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio

Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio Atwater Kent Model 10 breadboard radio



Here are a few of the nostalgic records and advertising items that I have to apologies for some of the low-res scans.

Aeolian Vocalion 78 rpm colored "wax" record

Beautiful vivid colors!

 A similar copy of this record sold in a 1997 (?) Nauck auction for over $400. 
Songs: There's a Long Long Trail / Allied National Airs. 
Aeolian Company A22024.Label date is 1916. Nice VG+ visual condition. 
Plays more like VG. You should be hearing it now, if not email me for a sound clip. 
Note that "National Airs" side has a serious sticking problem and the first part of it just does not play satisfactorily.

This is a rare opportunity for the serious collector.


SOLD Thank You


PATHE needle cut record 78 rpm colored "wax"


Songs: Adorable (Miami Melodists) / Who'd Be Blue (Stillman's Orioles). 
Pathe 36456. Nice glossy EX visual condition.  $55.




Israel - Jewish homeland, 1940s Jewish Palestine, 1940s
Nine page article taken from a magazine, mostly photos, from late 1940s or early 1950s. $12.50

Lola Flores "Ecos de espana" Beautiful clean record with nice surfaces. Ten inch 33rpm has 8 songs. Cover has slight dents and bends.
SEECO :LD244 $45.

Beth Nielsen Chapman Hearing It First
Ten years before her breakout 1990 S/T hit album, Beth Nielsen Chapman recorded a nearly unknown record in 1980. Produced by Barry Beckett,
Hearing It First is now a rare and elusive item for Chapman's fans and collectors.
This copy of the hard-to-find gem has been played four times, and is as close to the 
proverbial "mint" as can be found! Cutout hole in upper right corner of cover. M-/M- $77  

Victor phonograph ad, 1908
1908 $8.00

Graphic pages of electrical gadgets, circa 1892
1892 illustration from "International Cyclopedia" about 8 x 10 inches. Beautiful representations of Galvani's experiment, Oersted's fundamental experiment, Morse code key, electromagnetic motors - the state of the art in 1892 displayed in 44 small drawings! $10.00

1912 ad for US Navy recruiting
US Navy recruiting ad, 1912 $10.00

1942 ad for General Tires, featuring military Jeep
1942 $6.00
From a vintage magazine...

1948 Ronald Reagan Chesterfield ad
An early tie between tobacco and politics? Ronald Reagan for Chesterfield. 10 x 14 inches...1948 $35
Another one just like the ad above, but a bit more yellowed with age...$29.

1920s ad for an Ecumenical church movement
1935 $6.00

1935 ad for Buck Rogers space toy casting kit
1935 $20.00

Ben Hogan article

Ben Hogan article - Sam Snead photo
Article with photos of Sam Snead, Birkemo, Fazio, Karmon.Gronauer, Sarazen, Turnesa - 1953? About 5 pages. $12.00

1908 ad for BVD underwear
1908 $10.00

USS Philadelphia, 1892
Also from the "International Cyclopedia" this attractive drawing of the cruiser Philadelphia about 5 x 7 inches. $8.50

1988 photograph - preacher  flag and Bible
TJ's Records and Advertising Memorabilia

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